Milestone Scaffolding Ltd.

Scaffolding can become a manageable, cost effective component of your project.

Many project management professionals will tell you that Scaffolding can be the single most difficult resource to track on a project. With a vast amount of material and labour spread across the project site, it can be almost impossible to tell at any given time what your material costs really are. Furthermore, productivity is almost impossible to track because nothing is reported on the task level.

Milestone Scaffolding wants to change the way scaffolding projects are executed and managed. With the use of field proven processes such as Workface Planning and integrated materials management, Milestone Scaffolding can provide unparalleled insight into your next project. We strongly believe that we provide more than a service; we provide a solution.

Milestone Scaffolding can contribute to the overall success of your project by integrating knowledge and expertise with the front-end and constructability planning. With 3D modeling, Milestone can optimize its ability to plan and becomes an active part of the Workface Planning process. Milestone's planners are able to identify costs and risks that traditional methods miss. Our solution based project management always focuses on reducing total project cost and risk for project ownership and stakeholders.