Milestone Scaffolding Ltd.

More than just a typical scaffolding company, Milestone Scaffolding uses field proven processes along with innovation to provide our clients with the highest value and quality in the industry. The value added services that we can provide include:

Integrated Project Planning

Through proper planning owners are able to realize significant savings on many mega projects. Milestone Scaffolding is able to leverage its extensive knowledge of project planning to help the owner integrate scaffold builds and dismantles throughout the entire project plan.

Erection and Dismantle

Experienced and knowledgeable professionals ensure that all the needs of your project are addressed. Whether it is an emergency build or a planned dismantle, Milestone Scaffolding is always available to assist.

Material Tracking and Management

Milestone Scaffolding understands the value of proper material tracking and management. Through field proven technologies and processes, Milestone Scaffolding is able to reduce rental cost and decrease the amount of waste on your project.

Project Cost and Progress Tracking

Transparency is essential to controlling the cost of a project, Milestone Scaffolding is committed to working with our clients to provide accurate and on time reporting. Through the Workface Planning method, Milestone Scaffolding can track progress and costing directly to the task level.

Core Services

Although the value of Milestone Scaffolding comes from our ability to effectively manage projects, and provide value added services, our real competitive advantage is the reliability of our core services.

  • Material Delivery
  • Erection/Installation
  • Control & Billing Systems
  • On-site/Off-Site Maintenance
  • Project Control
  • Planning Scheduling
  • Dismantle
  • Service & Repair
  • Health & Safety Programs
  • Qualified Employees Trained through SIAC Standards